Excerpt From Dark Veil

Commercial content writing and adventure design for TTRPG. 10’000 words.

The Azrid Desert is a realm of subjugating horizon and burning stone. It is described by the ancient poet Alberque the Ziad, as a brilliant star consuming the souls of those who look upon it until only awe remains.

The desert realm is nothing if not a proud host. Any guest under its sky is treated to a thousand walks of life, powerful personalities, and marvels of kingdom’s era achievement. Among the most impressive features to greet a visitor is the Court of Three Suns, an unending train of gifts and dignitaries making their way in a line unbroken across the dune mesa like a golden snake.  The strange procession is no mirage, but a line of hopefuls seeking an audience with one of the most powerful individuals in the reality realm, Acradies the Resplendent. 

“Those who bare themselves to Azrid come away burning but richer than they could dream. A fool burns to be rich in gold, a king burns to be rich in peace. In Azrid, for every fool there is a king.”

-Alberque the Ziad

Excerpt From Magic School Mystery

Commercial content and rules writing for TTRPG. 247 pages.


Misadventure is a number score found next to the Trouble list that increases and decreases during play. Misadventure begins at 0, cannot be decreased below 0, but can be increased an unlimited amount. As previously mentioned, when Misadventure increases, a Trouble is added to the list.

What is Misadventure?

The Misadventure score collectively represents how much you and the other Student Characters have been pushing your luck, and more importantly, the mounting narrative tension. Have you ever read a book where the main character keeps making promises they can’t keep, and you just know it’s all going to come crashing down on them? That’s the kind of mounting narrative tension Misadventure emulates; more than promises you can’t keep, it’s anything that a juvenile wizard probably shouldn’t be doing but does anyway — miscasting spells, spreading hurtful rumors, exploring forbidden corridors, and more!

A high Misadventure score means the narrative is about to push back because you’ve crossed the line too many times.”

Flash Fiction Playground Shuffle

College-level fiction writing.

“No one has time for sobriety, not in this school.  Life’s too short and class is far too long, in a you’d be checking the clock if they hadn’t taken it down sort of way.  Stick with me kid and you’ll do fine.  

I hear you, don’t say another word.  You’re looking for the good stuff! Gummies, that’s where it’s at, our candy of choice. Step quick, speak soft, and mind your manners.  Anyone hauled in for questioning might as well be a snitch and ah- don’t mix your sweets and your sours.

Oh you want that powder stuff? 

Trust me you don’t! It used to be all the rage, you could lick it off your fingers and it got everywhere. We liked it that way. Went out of fashion when the kindergarteners took a liking to it. Like I said, it’s gummies you want. I like the bears myself, the blue ones. Tommy moves them under the north slide. Teachers watch but they don’t see. 

He doesn’t like more than 3 kids buying at once. Stay back, stay respectful and wait your turn. It’s like a line with no line and Tommy’s the line leader. Nifty isn’t it? 

Word is there’s a new fix out there.  Heard from Susie Q the Girls Team is pushing full chocolate bars. We are talking five-minutes-to-eat-will-ruin-your-dinner chocolate bars. Expensive. Runs five, maybe seven cards. None of that common shit either, only holographics or rares.  Better be legit too, Sarah Hall was dealing fakes until they got ahold of her Tamagotchi. 

Oh who?

Those Girls Team types?

No, you don’t want to mess with them. Make like Judy B. Jones and mind your own beeswax. Get your chocolate if you have to but stay away.  They’re extremists, gender zealots who can and will weaponize cooties. 

Hey listen, I’d stay and chat, but I’ve got a pocket full of gummies that are getting sticky and that duty teacher over there is getting wise.

See you on the flip side kid!”

Excerpt From Sea Of Legends

Commercial choose-your-own-adventure writing for app and boardgame. 1’500 words a week.

Fire Skull Grotto dead ahead! You discover a skeletal ridge staring down at you over a boiling bay. If the map be true the treasure lies deep within it’s cavernous eyes, guarded by angry magma mermaids. An inscription carved above the rocky skull reads:
“One sees death, the other life. Follow the stars to avoid all strife.”  
Act quickly, your cunning rival, Capt. Fishshanks, can’t be far behind!

Do you: 
A. Lead the way, choosing an eye at random.
B. Send a deckhand down each eye and see who survives.
C. Wait for the stars to appear but lose valuable time.

Excerpt From Fuel Priest

Commercial content, fiction, and rules writing for TTRPG. 159 pages.

“Weird Science is all about gee-whiz technobabble and gadgets explained away with “Science!” Think hypno guns, invisible jets, and zombie powered trains. Weird science  technologies are retro-futuristic, acting and appearing as the 1950s might have imagined them.  Perhaps the shadow of a zeppelin looms over a city, beneath its vast steel gondola, screens project hypnotic circles that enthrall the populous below. Pilots are sent to intercept this airship but are assaulted with ear splitting hyper-frequencies forced through their radios! Inside this goliath aero-machine, wires connect the ship’s retro computer to the skull of a captive sky whale whose brain powers this scientific marvel. All seems lost for this doomed metropolis!”

In-Store Marketing Campaign For A2Z Science Store

Copywriting for retail store.