Tanner is a developer, writer, and designer who has worked on 4 commercial games. With a background in both self-motivated solo projects and team-based game development, she’s excited to tell you more about helping your team!

Hire Tanner at TannerJWil@gmail.com


Sea Of Legends Boardgame, Content Writer

  • Writing 1’500 words a week for an app based board game.

Dark Veil TTRPG, Content Writer and Adventure Designer

  • Writing 10’000 words of lore for established intellectual property.
  • Designing 24 + plot hooks.
  • Appearing on promotional crowdfunding live play. 

Magic School Mystery TTRPG, Game Developer

  • Developing product vision and systems for 142% funded Kickstarter TTRPG.
  • Creating and publishing a 246 page print-ready layout using Adobe Indesign.
  • Leading 100+ hours of external and internal playtesting.
  • Ensuring quality deliverables from 5 freelance contractors.

Fuel Priest TTRPG, Game Designer and Content Writer

  • Writing and designing 25’000+ word TTRPG.
  • Creating 3 short stories within a developing intellectual property.
  • Copywriting the 146% funded Kickstarter page.


Corkpop Games, Project Manager and Game Designer

  • Assigning projects and deadlines to a 5 person development team.
  • Paid hourly to design and pitch boardgames.

Assorted Game Jams, Game Designer and Coder

  • Communicating development needs between 3+ departments, including art, programming, and design teams.

Images Literary Magazine, Associate Editor

  • Editing magazine publishing 120+ short stories.

Hard Skills

  • Affinity Publisher and Photo
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign